Hi, Im James and I am glad you are here!

I've been working as a photographer for the past 16 years! It seems like a long time, right, well you are! For a long time I worked out of Cape Town and then a shift in focus and attitude made me sell the company I owned and a company that consumed all of me until I started  focusing on my art, my Photography! So I did a complete 360 degrees, moved to JHB and life has never been the same!.

Today I am a respected commercial and lifestyle photographer, shooting for some of the top retail home brands in South Africa! Recently I have been working with some of the best online accommodation sites world wide and am commissioned on a regular basis to shoot  for them. They have taught me, and I have seen first hand, that great photographic imagery of your establishment can double the bookings of ones premises! Be it a hotel, a guest house, a room in your house or even the tree house you have in your back yard, photographing it professionally will make it look even better!

As spring is coming and summer around the corner, it's time for an online make over of your guesthouse, room or villa. For the next 2 months I am looking to give a little bit back to the owners of guest house, boutique hotels and special places that lives in everyone's hearts! Where? Well, my back yard, Gauteng! What's it all about? Well its simple! Request a professional photographic shoot from me from R1250 and you will get between 10-20 fully edited images of your beautiful place! The shoot only takes a few hours, but as you can see from the above gallery, the results are fresh and beautiful and all yours to use on your site and the other listing sites you may use!

Thanks for viewing and see you soon!



Hi James, I received the pictures. They are really great. Thank you.


Hi James, thanks for the great photos! I wasn't aware for a long time that they were up but enquiries are on the up ;)


Hi James, the photo's you took are beautiful. Thank you very much! You are a brilliant photographer. I appreciate it very much.


Dear James, hope you're very well! I am very thankful for the beautiful pictures you've taken of my place, have quite a few bookings, thanks to you!


Dear James,
I absolutely love your pictures!
Thank you very much!

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